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With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Bahrain, and LebanonJoe Dandy, established in 2000 and bolstering today more than 400 satisfied client, Joe Dandy’s principle is to blueprint, and run thrilling interactive experience that praise our client brand and perk up our clientele business ROI. In an industry that is gradually more flowing, we struggle to craft an archetype shift in the affiliation that survives between our client and its customers. Building these triumphant relations needs a huge amount of strategiesexperience and a sound active-client-relation behavior.

The whole story commences with our Mission. This is how we describe what we desire to achieve as a Marketing Lounge and how those happenings will assist our clientele.

- To make available a holistic and inspired approach to the market magnitude.
- To forward customer loyalty throughout translucent results and ambitious solutions.
- To adjoin a discrete and quantifiable value to our clients’ business goals.

inspired approach, marketing magnitude, customer loyalty, job's done

The Vision of Joe Dandy is to be the foremost contributor of incorporated business solutions and to repeatedly expand result-driven strategies intended to convene precise client needs. We will fulfill this Vision by having:

A Driven Team

A Collaborative Environment

A comprehensive research and development module


excellence, balance, growth, teamwork, attention to detail

Our heart values bleed into each feature of the business and provide groundwork for performance, manner, and result making. These values describe our culture and state the attitude and behavior essential for Joe Dandy to succeed and attain our goals.

- Teamwork

- Excellence

- Attention to Detail

- Growth

- Balance

research & development

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Lebanon, Achkout,
Karkouf St, Joseph Sahyoun Bldg, GF
Telephone: 961 9 950 442

England Offices

England, London
St. John Street, 145-157 - EC1V 4PW
Telephone: 44 07031997586
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