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Hytech Corporation

Hytech Corporation is an Importer and Exporter of all excavators and wheel loaders spare parts. They have all kind of mobile hydraulic components with competitive prices and high quality. Their job in repairing and overhauling is based on more than 20 years of experience.

Joe Dandy has developed the website meeting the SEO standards; consequently, the strategy included the following:


Prior to hiring Joe Dandy, Hytech Corporation’s website only ranked for a few brand related keywords and only received a few hundred Google organic visitors per month .  After extensive research and discovery sessions with the client, Joe Dandy created a keyword strategy using both broad and long-tail terms.  Hytech Corporation needed to rank for highly competitive broad terms such as “Hydraulic components lebanon”.  Hytech Corporation was competing for broad terms against very powerful search engines which meant that the site would need more content and thousands of inbound links.
Hytech Corporation’s website now ranks  for first from About 164,000 results in

Baroud Steel Industries:

Because the purpose of business is to keep loyal clientele and attract new ones, the only two solutions for any business to reach that purpose are marketing and innovation.

Baroud Steel Industries (BSI) delivers steel products for the Lebanese market, GCC regions, Africa, in addition to other worldwide regions. BSI management team has discovered the importance of the marketing and its results; consequently BSI has accounted Joe Dandy to be its marketing agency, having one sole target to satisfy customers’ needs and work to bring in new clients to remain a market leader.

Joe Dandy Team has planned and focused all its efforts to bring in and keep customers
Joe Dandy team has created and fashioned a professional branding for BSI to raise awareness, create Interest and lead to desire and Action.
Joe Dandy Team has elaborated BSI’s promotional activities to help in building the awareness and interest. Setting the foundations, plans, and strategies is not enough to succeed, in cooperation with BSI management; we trained the sales force in order to be able to turn any opportunity into sales.

Joe Dandy Research and development team has used research to find out customer needs
Joe Dandy has focused on two main areas:
• Customer satisfaction
• Competitions

In order to spread the message of BSI, Joe Dandy team has included above and below-the-line Promotion while preparing the advertising:
• Joe Dandy Team has developed the website of BSI with its online chat suiting the vision and corporate identity, as well as Joe Dandy has worked on BSI’s SEO where is ranking first on Google for the keywords: steel Lebanon, or steel industry Lebanon.
• Consequently, Joe Dandy team has helped BSI to be a part of project Lebanon for 3 consecutive years, where our team has worked on the whole management of the exhibition.

BSI  is maintaining its leading edge with a balanced marketing mix and high value products and services.

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Tess Avenue

Tess Avenue’s mission is simple, to provide professional beauty solutions powered by the latest trends. Joe Dandy needed to guarantee Tess Avenue was able to establish a robust, exclusive identity through social channels. Therefore, we developed and launched a strategy with daring and innovative visuals and messaging to involve and shape the brand’s strong, self-assured female audience. Not only were we able to exceed initial goals but launched the brand into the beauty consultant category.

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Prosmile is a professional dental laboratory located in Lebanon and supplying dentist in Lebanon and the region with dental products.  Over the past 34 years the company has grown rapidly developing a balanced and well managed portfolio including A and A+ dentists.
Prosmile needed skilful marketing for finding out exactly what dentists from all the segments are looking for and then meeting their requirements; Consequently, To be able to do this effectively, Prosmile has appointed Joe Dandy Team as its marketing agency.

Therefore, and in order to establish a strong and skilfuul marketing department, Joe Dandy has started with designing Prosmile brand identity, website design and development, search engine optimization where Prosmile is in the first pages of Google and have an excellent Alexa rank, as well as Joe Dandy team has worked on Prosmile social media network.

After setting the foundations of the brand identity and E-marketing, Joe Dandy team has delivered tactical, faultless and sustainable marketing. We conducted the research, built up the strategy, supervised the timetable and budget, developed creative strategies and executed them.
1.      Target markets
2.      Marketing objectives
3.      Positioning
4.      Communications strategies
5.      Contact strategies
1-      We put together a marketing plan that put Prosmile approach into action
2-      We custom-built Prosmile ideal marketing team.
3-      We built the infrastructure needed to get Prosmile marketing done.
4-      We evaluated effectiveness and made the appropriate adjustments so Prosmile can get the best return on the marketing investment.
Joe Dandy team has designed and assembled the right strategy, development and team to meet Prosmile operational goals. We delivered crucial plan elaborated to build the tactics to endorse the company’s products and services and maintain safe grounds to execute these specific plans.Our case study has outlined the way in which Joe Dandy set out Prosmile strategies to relaunch a premium brand, to appeal to different dentists in different segments.

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